Introduction to Mediaton

This course is the foundation course for applicants for the Academy's Register of Qualified Mediators. It provides a complete introduction to ADR in all its different guises and scrutinizes Mediation in depth.

Mediation is a flexible process but it has its own basic procedures. These procedures and the Mediator's techniques are examined and then applied by 'role play' to Case Studies which have been designed to highlight and develop the Mediator's skills.

For those wishing to go on to complete the full Commercial Mediation Training Course this qualifies as suitable prior training.

The Module is open to anyone.

Module Contents:

Introduction & Welcome

What is Mediation (Video)

Introduction to the Mediation Process

  • Overview of Dispute Resolution

  • Relationship between Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration

  • Role and Function of the Mediator

  • Stages in the Mediation Process

  • Establishing Credibility

  • Techniques of the Mediator

Applying the Skills of the Mediator

  • A video case study and discussion of the mediation process and how it is used to resolve commercial disputes


The Opening Statement

  • What is it?
  • It’s Objectives
  • Construction

Using Mediation: The Mediator’s skills and tools

  • Initiating the Mediation
  • Establishing a Constructive Atmosphere
  • Role and Function of a Caucus
  • Addressing Cultural Difference
  • Confronting an Impasse
  • Concluding the Session